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10th Anniversary show at Dartington Hall

I've had such fun working with the team as an Actor / Producer with Playing Dead, a murder mystery company known for the engaging quality and great fun for its events. Most of our work these days is for corporates and private parties for upto 100, but we still do the occasional public event.

And gosh - we've just clocked 10 years of wonderful events at the atmospheric Dartington Hall. Our event fits into a 2 week intensive leadership course, and the delegates are more than ready to don their 1920's outfits and enter the world of a high society wake and will reading - with murder as the united guest!

Dartington Hall

Looking forward to the next 10 years of murderously good fun. After all, we're dying to entertain you!

Here's a video from the playing dead website that gives an epic flavour of the events:

Here's how we introduce our work on our website:

A Playing Dead murder mystery event is many things: solving a murder, visiting a crime scene, discovering clues, overhearing whispered conversations, interrogating suspects, watching the theatre of the unfolding drama, deciphering a cryptic puzzle, even handling a murder weapon (is that blood on your hands?)

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