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Conference delegates look in the mirror...

A professional highlight of 2014 was being part of the delivery team for a high profile conference in Miami. Theatre based methods can powerfully hold up a mirror to organisations willing to reflect on their strenths and address their weaknesses. International consultancy Training in Action led the team, and featured this work on their website.

About this conference work they said:

"TiA specialise in 'engagement' and 'energy' and will work with clients to make a conference come alive. At a recent senior managers conference for Zurich Insurance in Miami, TiA put together a series of Forum Theatre workshops to spark debate around key conference themes. At times this meant using the stage to demonstrate behaviours around leadership and empowerment, with actors embedded at tables to move the 'stage' around the room. At other times, delegates would be drawn into dialogue with the actors, making the exploration of topics far more interactive."

For more informaiton on TIA, click here.

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