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How many times have you been enthralled by a good story?

Stories can change the way we think, act, and feel. They can form the foundations of an entire workplace culture, and they have the power to break down barriers and turn bad situations around. Stories can capture our imaginations, illustrate our ideas, arouse our passions, and inspire us in a way that cold, hard facts often can't.

Stories can be powerful business tools.

And the case for stories is stronger than ever.

As the level of noise in modern life gets ever greater, the ability to share a compelling narrative that connects with its audience is increasingly in demand. It's not soulless powerpoint, or facts and figures that moves hearts and minds, but a compelling story that offer the best chance of overcoming fear and shifting to commitment and action in support of a worthwhile goal.

I faciliate workshops with businesses large and small on the power and utility of short, impactful stories that engage both the intellect and the emotions.

One thing I love about these sessions is that there is always a 'penny drop moment' - when the team finds their story to communicate their message in a impactful way.

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