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'Remarkably creepy' Hell's Bells now online

Hell's Bells - Wandering Tiger's short - a psychological horror film about Morris Dancing (what a pitch!) is now available to watch online.

The short has completed its tour of the film festivals, helped secure Director Luke Jeffrey a BAFTA CREW fellowship and is now free to watch on here on Vimeo.

Hells Bells Wandering Tiger

This film was my first collaboration with Wandering Tiger. Since this start, I've been thrilled to work with them on two innovative pieces of promenade theatre - Humbug! based on A Christmas Carol, which is running again for Christmas 2018 and currently we're polishing The Magnificent Mysto - this opens on July 26th to August 11th at St Nicholas Priory, Exeter. It promises an epic journey into the unknown with a very human story at its heart. Can't wait for audiences to see our work. Perhaps see you there? Tickets here.

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