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Hunting of the Snark takes over Arts Council England Instagram

The Hunting of the Snark is Burn The Curtain's latest promenade theatre event, and I'm delighted to be playing The Banker in this unique event. The show is following in the footsteps (paw prints?) of Company of Wolves as once again the performances take place at various Forrests thought England.

We've just finished a successful first run at Haldon Forrest near Exeter in Devon. For this week Burn the Curtain were given Arts Council England's Instagram account to post images from the show to their 18.5k followers. Here's an image of me as The Banker, clutching a mysterious egg....

Next stop for The Snark is Sutton Manor 19,20,21st April and then Hamsterly May 3,4,5th. Tickets are available here.

Richard Feltham Hunting of the Snark Burn the Curtain

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