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Great audience & critical response to Humbug!

Here's a review of the show published in Grow Exeter Magazine for Humbug!

We've had lots of audience feedback shared on Social media too. Here's a selection:

Wow! We were totally enthralled today, what a brilliant performance, kids never been so engaged in theatre before, thank you!

The spirit of Christmas is here! Magical performance, attention to detail, songs, laughs, mystery and somehow the performers and the audience become as one in a quest to bring Christmas to all those that do not believe! Highly recommended to all who love, and especially those that don't, love Christmas!

Absolutely LOVED this when we came on Thursday evening. Brilliant!!!

Brilliant immersive experience further enriching our family’s love of theatre while breathing life into historical landmarks - hope to be lucky enough to see what follows!

Humbug!, Wandering Tiger's take on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol at St Nicholas Priory. A superbly atmospheric use of the various rooms of the old medieval and Tudor building, with Marley's ghost and the three instructive spirits conjured up in a highly imaginative combination of costume, performance and 'effects'. The way in which the audience was drawn into Scrooge's journey across time and space and made complicit in his spiritual transformation was effected in a skillful, involving and ultimately moving fashion.This was a production which blended chills, humour, music, sentiment, silliness and moral fable to fine Dickensian effect. The denouement in the crypt provided a genuine gothic frisson as we encountered the final, faceless spectre. A wonderful evening and a perfect invocation of the seasonal spirit, even for Scrooges like me.

Thank you for a unique experience tonight. Totally magical and very original with superb acting in amazing surroundings. Can’t wait till next years performance.

Absolutely magical . Came out feeling stuffed full with Christmas cheer.

Saw this last night - absolutely brilliant - if I could I would go again. Congratulations to Wandering Tiger - the venue is superb too - the atmosphere is excellent. Go to see St Nicholas Priory - you will not be disappointed.

What a brilliant experience- absolutely loved it - if you’ve got tickets, you’re in for a treat 😍

Another outstanding production and performance! Many thanks for a wonderful evening guys.

Absolutely start to our Christmas celebrations.....i would highly recommend this performance....Merry Christmas everyone x

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